Are you a recreational walker, beginner runner or a jogger looking to improve your overall fitness and hoping to run more and better than you do now? Join the DASH program with people who share the same goal and desire as you do.

Working with your base, DASH offers a tailored training plan that works where you are now, will meet your intended goal and fits in with your availability and commitment. You can participate as a group with others in the DASH program like you might at Park Run or try it at home in your own time and space.

The DASH program includes a variety of exercises, walking and running distances to improve your fitness as well as qualified recreational running advice to assist with your technique.

There is a DASH group right for you already, where you will get support and feel comfortable in exercising as well as feeling great being outside and taking a much needed mental break.

The DASH program walks and runs right around Canberra and depending on your individual journey and interest, you might like to join us for a trail adventure in Canberra Nature Park, visiting Lake Ginninderra, running on the grass at Stromlo Forest Park or trying out the AIS Athletics Track just to name a few locations. If you are joining a DASH program, remember to bring your phone, the views are incredible.

The DASH program is for anyone over the age of 15 years and any fitness level. All programs can be tailored to meet any pre-existing medical concerns and conditions.