FAST Running is a community of like-minded individuals participating together as a team.

Everyone has their own individual journey. People join FAST at various ages, fitness levels, knowledge and state of readiness. Our programs are designed to help everyone improve and progress to their desired level.

Members of FAST Running receive individual attention with personalised monthly programs written to suit their unique journey and season goals.

Our FAST, SWIFT and DASH programs cater for individual development and age progression. Members returning from injury or time away from sport are supported in a return to training program and encouraged to participate with others.

Support extends beyond the track to other areas of an individual’s life including Strength & Conditioning, Mentoring, Team Sport progression (acceleration, agility, fitness, speed), Job opportunities and social interactions.

After joining one of our successful programs, you will be invited via email to Team App, where you will be able to login and access the Training Program, ask questions and keep up to date with the latest happenings in FAST Running.

Contact Us for more details on when you can join us at an upcoming session. We train all year and in all conditions.